Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night Rain

I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of rain. After a long dry period, is there any better sound than summer rain? Knowing I just purchased and planted some new daylilies:

Edge of Your Seat

Imperial Elegance

Gentle Presence

makes the rain especially welcome. The holes were prepared before going to the grower.  Only enough daylilies to fill the  prepared holes were purchased. They were immediately planted upon returning home. Everything was accomplished by 9 a.m. before it was too hot.

More daylilies continue to bloom in my  garden.

Enchanted April

Enchanted April Close-up

Prairie Blue Eyes

Red Volunteer

Gentle Rose

Malaysian Monarch

Lost Nametag


Anonymous said...

Your daylillies are stunning. I'm so jealous that you got some rain. We haven't received one drop in the past few weeks. They were calling for rain all weekend but the sky is blue without a cloud in sight.

Anonymous said...

You were lucky to get some rain, I'm still waiting. The daylillies are lovely.