Monday, June 23, 2008

A Misty Lavender Overlay,

hard to capture but evident here, gives Smokey Mountain Autumn its charm.

Best Kept Secret

I surprised a wild turkey in the garden this morning. She surprised me in turn. I didn't see her until she flew over the back fence before allowing me a photo op. I must put more seeds in the birdfeeder. Last year she proudly paraded her poults down the fence line.

Hosta 'Powder Blue'

I'm still planting things bought earlier this year.


Jan said...

Your daylily photos are lovely. Daylilies have only recently become one of my favorite plants, and I am adding more each year. Your photos have given me ideas of ones to put on my wish list.

Always Growing

Mother Nature said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of daylilies, Jan.