Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fresh Fruit

drizzled with white corn syrup and topped with sweetened whipped cream is the perfect way to start a hot summer day.

Several days ago I spotted a red bird on the deck railing sunbathing. I rushed to get hubby to see, but he could not be found. When I returned, I realized it was a Summer Tanager. I hope to get a better photo soon.  I recognize his song which helps locate him.


Anonymous said...

Hello - I got onto your Blog from comment on Barbee's Blog.
I love your photos.
I especially love the 'Fresh Fruit' - and I am still wondering which species of plant grows parfaits like that! hahaha
Great blog.
I'll link to it.

Mother Nature said...

Good day, mate. Thanks for the link, roberto. Glad you stopped by.