Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrate Green

In celebration of Big Green Leaf Day,

 everything is green today.

Water Lily Green

Sunlit Crocosmia Green

Giant Strawberry Leaf Green

Climbing Fern Green

Bugleweed Green

Lamb's Ear Green

Yellowish Hosta Green

Variegated Hosta Green

Tiny Seedling Green

Leopard Plant Green

Banana Leaf Green

Forest Green





Nancy J. Bond said...

Everything looks wonderfully GREEN! I especially love the hostas. :)

Zoë said...

Your greens look great, I especially like your Hostas.

I was reading back a way and see you have some fabulous Hemerocallis too, I am fond of them too, and american varieties are so much more flamboyant than ours. Just love the rich colours and the frills.

Best Wishes,


emma townshend said...

Just delectable! thanks so much for the post. My favourite is the Giant Strawberry! Where did you get that from???
I bet these greens look amazing with the daylilies featured in the post just before... Couldn't help sneaking a peek, even though this is meant to be a green-only day...

Northern Shade said...

I like your look at the variations on green. I'm particularly envious of the colour banana leaf green, one that's missing from my zone 3 garden.

Perennial Gardener said...

Love your folliage, especially the banana leaf. Everything looks such lush and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Everything sure is green!

Philip Bewley said...

Donna, The world is certainly a better place with your vision of the world. I was delighted by this post. You share the delight of the world and let us see the different shades of green so we really take notice to the beauty around us: If we only take the moment like you have to appreciate it. Just lovely, Donna