Friday, August 15, 2008

Wondrously Strange

August is the month when insects proliferate. They are everywhere. They are everywhere. Can you imagine if they were bigger? Talk about your monsters.

Part of this caterpillar's body is translucent green. 

photos by Father Time

I've already started removing some of the spent plants. Call it a pre-fall clean-up. I have to get a head start on these things. The hummingbirds continue to empty the feeders almost daily now. Fall is looming large.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Wondrous and strange, indeed. :) Ain't Nature grand?

Anonymous said...

Lovely insect photos! It's good to start cleaning up some the spent stuff now. That way when fall comes you will be ahead of the game.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage said...

I suppose that the character Mothra from the Godzilla films came from the same idea. Yikes!

That caterpillar is really amazing. I've never seen such a thing.


Titania said...

All the pictures are very special.
The little buzzing monster on top, a warm, velvety looking fellow, some know where to get the best drink and the yellow Rudbeckia with a matching visitor, nature is amazing and you have caught it so well with your camera eye!

Gail said...

Your photos are a joy to enlarge! Really, the critters are quite beautifully amazing and you captured the clearwing moth's clearwings so nicely!


Naturegirl said...

Wonder captures of these
bugs n blooms ! Yes the hummers are emptying as fast as I can fill their feeders! Loved your photos today!
hugs NG

Niels Plougmann said...

That is why I am sometimes happy that I do not have a macro-lens. Insects are scary enough - closeups do make them look like small monsters! Even though some have some magical details closeup.

joey said...

You have an amazing and beautiful blog. Thank you for visiting mine and leaving kind thoughts. I'm delighted that we have met ... looking forward to my return visit :)

tina said...

Those are some awesome pictures of insects.

marmee said...

wow i am impressed with your images and how many creatures you have. looks like you have plenty to observe!

Philip Bewley said...

Really fun to look at. I have had the best time looking at this. Do you have these where you live?