Monday, August 25, 2008


love the coneflower seeds.

A few coneflowers have reseeded in the garden this year for the first time. 

Bird photos by Father Time

Others that reseed readily in my garden are:


common mallow, 

four o'clocks, and 

Madagascar periwinkle/Catharanthus roseus.

Need more color? 

The New Guinea impatiens I bought never did much until recently. I had them in a large mixed container. I took them out, planted them in homemade compost, fertilized, and kept them watered.

Perhaps they will look good for fall.


DP Nguyen said...

Look at those colorful finches. Aren't they so pretty? The flowers are nice too. I love the red color. I hope they do well for you in the fall.

Anonymous said...

I love plants that reseed. Even though they sometimes reseed in unwanted areas. The Finches love the Purple Coneflowers, Blackeyed Susans, Verbena Bonariensis in my garden at the moment. I let them all go to seed for the birds.

kd said...

Your goldfinch photos present a great argument for not being too quick to deadhead.


Mother Nature said...

One year I decided I would let al rudbeckias around the pool go to seed. The birds loved it but all the seeds and hulls made a big mess on the concrete deck and the wind blew them into the pool. They could get through the pool cover and spoil in the water. The next year I threw them over the fence into the pasture behind me. The birds were happy but I wasn't happy with that solution either. Now I harvest them and put them in a feeder. Everybody's happy.

Gail said...


These guys are too fast for me to catch! I see a flash and a swaying coneflower, no finches! The stinkers! I may sit out there to capture one photo. I never ever deadhead Rudbeckis...just pull it out in the spring!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Love your gold finch photos. My finches are busy with the sunflowers and wild thistle now, maybe the coneflowers will be next.

tina said...

Those goldfinches are sure sweet birds.

The Dutchess said...

O,how very very very lovely is your blog Mother happy to have found you...Greets from Holland

marmee said...

great images of the golden beauties. i haven't had many yet but i am expecting them soon. i love the fact you enjoy the flower and then the birds enjoy it afterwards. it makes for a happy gardener.

Anna said...

So that is the key to New Guinea impatients? I've killed three this year and they were those new cultivar Proven Winners. They just couldn't survive the start of our summer when it was hot and dry--vs. now--when it's still hot and dry. Finally, we got some rain today and it looks like a few days of it.

Your flowers are truly beautiful as usual. Cleome is a real statement in the garden. Senorita Rosalita by PW is my favorite. But any cleome is a good one.

Thanks for the friendship!

Cindy said...

I leave my coneflower heads for the finches too. So far I've only seen one and no camera handy. I'll keep trying!

Jan said...

We don't get the goldfinches until the winter when they have lost their lovely gold color. Just before they return north, we do get to see them in their golden plumage. It was nice to see your photo and remember it won't be too long before we see them here.