Sunday, August 24, 2008

He's So Nice

In addition to the pictured goodies from the local farmer's market, there are fresh purple hull peas, okra, butternut squash, and one of those miniature watermelons. I know it sounds too good to be true but, Chef Roger shops, prepares and cooks these wonderful delicacies. Am I lucky or what? He's so nice.

My daughter, after returning from a convention, called my attention to The Power of Nice written by AD executives responsible for you knowing who Aflac is. Quack, quack! :o)

This green June beetle never knew he would be an internet star.

Daylily 'Pardon Me'
Hemerocallis Pardon Me 
Bright cranberry-red 2-3/4 inch blooms with yellow-green throats are produced beginning mid-July, often continuing into fall. Voted best miniature in 1985. 18 inches tall. Diploid.

I have been looking for just the right place to put the lovely Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me' given to each of us Tennessee bloggers by Frances of Faire Garden. Frances, my hubby said to thank you for him. He collects miniatures and loves red.


Frances, said...

Hi Donna, you are most lucky to have the live in chef and he is most welcome for your red shorty, although he is not a mini, the flower is full size. I love the minis too and have them in a seperate bed so they don't get covered up by the larger ones. I hope your Pardon Me does well for you and gives you lots of blooms, but I must say that while that is a lovely photo, the real flower is much closer to true red than that one would have you believe, more like a strawberry than a raspberry. HA

Mother Nature said...

Thanks for the added info Frances. I can't wait to see it bloom.

Gail said...


It's beautiful! I can't wait to see how it looks where Frances and I planted it!

and, how delightful that you have a live in chef and best friend husband!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic shade of red on "Pardon Me" Hemerocallis. How nice of Frances to share her beautiful daylillies with all of you Tennessee bloggers.

Mother Nature said...

It's not everyday you get help planting. I think Frances is like the Energizer bunny.
Each day there are wonderful reminders of the Tennessee bloggers.

CurtissAnn said...

I smile at the logo of your blog: "Daily appreciation of all things beautiful." What a sensible and precious endeavor. Hope the cantaloupe is as tasty as it looks-- I've had some of the best this late season. Thanks for your beautiful blog.

tina said...

That was nice! So nice! And a promise she made to me a long time ago about Pardon me and here it is. I am not sure where I will plant mine, but somewhere I can see it often.

DP Nguyen said...

How wonderful that you have your live-in chef. He cooks and you can blog :-) I love that line when you told us at dinner, so funny!

That flower is so beautiful and gorgeous color.

Mother Nature said...

Thank you, Curtiss Ann.

Tina, DP,
We have something beautiful and new to look forward to seeing next daylily season.

LKT & RK said...

It is such a pleasure seeing such a kind mention of our book, "The Power of Nice", on your lovely site!

Many thanks,

Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval
Co-authors of "The Power of Nice"

Mother Nature said...

Now I have experienced The Power of Nice first hand. I appreciate your comment.