Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday in Tennessee

I'm thankful for the beauty surrounding me. Actually, I look for it. Perhaps it is why I am here on Blotanical where there are a lot of kindred spirits.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philipians 4:8

Thankful Thursday's origin is
Rose Colored Glasses.


Perennial Gardener said...

Amen Mother Nature!

Bob said...

I 'ducked' in, again, as we say in OZ, to see what splendour you've provided for me this week.

I have not wasted my time. Thank you.

Rhondi said...

I love your post today. Makes me feel like I am right there in the garden. I'm so glad you're participating in Thankful Thursday and I've added you to the list. Feel free to copy the photo on my sidebar if you like.
Hugs, Rhondi

Jane Marie said...

Thnaks for joining in with a wonderful verse!

Chris said...

Mother Nature, (I've always wanted to meet you! *Ü*)

What a beautiful picture and reminder that beauty is there if we only look for it!

Have a wonderful day! Chris

Nance said...

Hi Mother Nature, I love your garden, thanks for posting pictures, i enjoyed reading even your older post.


Mother Nature said...

PG, bob, rhondi, Jane marie, chris, nance,
Thanks for your comments. I have been away and it is time once again to think of blessings for Thankful Thursday.