Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dig In

to pancakes with fresh blackberry syrup and whipped cream with a couple of sausage links. Ummm! Good. It's a beautiful thing.


I was Garden Hopping and look what happened.

My Wordle is called Summer


Anonymous said...

Looks good MNG.

Mother Nature said...

Thanks, PG.
I enjoyed your post on plant supports. Can you believe we have tomatoes growing on the pool fence.

Zoë said...

I can't get my head around eating sausages and blackberries and cream on pancakes all on one plate! Keep the sausages and I would do the rest some damage as a dessert!

The Wordle looks good though, you are obviously very GREEN!

Anonymous said...

Thank you MNG. I'm glad you liked the post. That is a good use of some unused realestate in the garden. Otherwise it would just be a pool fence. Gives it some interest!

Mother Nature said...

Chef Roger will prepare it any way you like.:)