Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hemerocallis 'Pink Rocks'

Pink Rocks is a late bloomer that can extend your daylily season.

I must plant it. It seems I'm always in the process of buying new things to add to the garden. This Hydrangea macrophylla 'Queeen of Pearls' is still waiting its turn. I have it with my other pot plants. It will not miss getting watered and be OK. 

All America and Blotanical are blooming with purple coneflowers. I saw these blooming by the roadside on our weekly visit to the seafood buffet at a local state park inn. 

Let's take a break from the garden chores with a cool pink lemonade.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Mother Nature, I like your nature sounds in the background. I also love the daylilies. Which hydrangea are you going to plant?~~Dee

Mother Nature said...

Thank you, Dee.
The hydrangea is called Queen of Pearl.

Mother Nature said...

Tried to give you a link, Dee, but it didn't work so I put a link in the post.

Steve said...

Hey, add some vodka to that lemonade, will ya? It's amazing to me how you can make such a simple drink look so good, Donna. Is this the perfect blog or what? Great sounds and free luscious lemonade.

titania said...

Mother nature what an appropriate title. I strolled into your garden from blotanical. Beautiful Daylily and a very nice blog. I appreciated the pink lemonade after my stroll!

Philip Bewley said...

I love the countepoint of the pink of the Hemerocalliis with the lemonaide.

Mother Nature said...

Steve, titania, Phillip,
You are welcome at my garden party anytime.

chey said...

Great post Donna~ Pink Rocks definitely rocks:). A lot of our daylilies are late blooming here, blooming into the fall.

Anna said...

Your garden is beautiful today and I enjoyed the lemonade. I too planted some hydrangeas this week--we'll both be rewarded with lots of blooms!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi again Donna,
We're still day lily abstainers, except for those wild ones we can't get rid of that have been here since before we came. If/when we do make the plunge (space is now at a premium for us), I want to make sure to get some of the re-blooming varieties.

Love the shot of the coneflowers and rudbeckias by the road ... we often see those in the ditches along the roads when we head out from the city into the country, which, alas, is not often enough!

Kerri said...

Pink Rocks is pretty, isn't she? I'm glad to know the term for the ring around the eye (or is that throat?) as I've been wondering about that recently.
We're planning a trip to our local lily farm today if the weather cooperates. It's become a tradition for my birthday.
Like you, I have things still unplanted, but I can always find room for more daylilies :)
The coneflowers are blooming beautifully here.
Mmmm, a weekly seafood buffet would be right up my ally.
I must make a pitcher of pink lemonade...lovely, thank you :)

Niels Plougmann said...

What a lovely Daylily Donna. I would love to sit and sip some lemonade in your good company!

Mother Nature said...

Going to the daylily farm to help celebrate your birthday sounds like my kind of party.

Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday,Kerri.


GardenGrrrl said...

I love daylilies. They grow here in California, but they just don't look as amazing as they do back east. :(