Friday, July 11, 2008

Let It Feast or Kill The Beast

If you notice your lovely petunias are looking a bit variegated, it's thrips. So tiny, their damage is what is noticeable. About the time you are thinking what a feast for the eyes, they arrive for a feast. If you can't bear to throw the plant away like me, it is most important to isolate it and let it remain so even after treatment. Avoiding infesting more, especially more valuable plants, is the objective. I used an insecticidal soap to slow the onslaught topically, then a systemic.  A systemic is required because a topical cannot reach the innumerable hiding places. Feed and keep well watered. Though not as robust as originally, it looks pretty good. Mission accomplished. I prefer not to use chemicals, however, an apt treatment used sparingly and safely is sometimes necessary.


Anonymous said...

Great title! Thanks for the info, I don't know much about petunias.

Mother Nature said...


I couldn't pass on a lovely basket brimming with flowers when I purchased it. It's magnified all around the deck because it is mirrored in the windows and french doors. Whether you are looking at it directly or not, there is splash of pink all around.


Niels Plougmann said...

I did not know that petunias could get damaged by thrips. I love petunias - they are easy to grow and adds lot og colour and abundance of flowers for mnay months. Some are even fragrant! I simply don´t understand that they ahve fallen out of favor - they are great plants and many love them - but most garden designers don´t use them. I do!

Mother Nature said...

Kathryn Hall's blog, Plant Whatever Brings You Joy, comes to mind.

tina said...

Hi there! I am so very excited to meet another garden blogger close to me in Tennessee! I can't wait to read more but right now I am on leave so I will come back later when I have more time. Just wanted to drop by and I will add you to my sidebar.

Connie said...

I wonder if this is attacking some of my zinnias. The leaves are just bare...ugh!
You have a nice blog...I've enjoyed the browse.