Wednesday, July 9, 2008


created and tended by Stuart Robinson of Busselton, Western Australia,  is a garden in itself filled with experienced and amateur gardeners alike. Stuart is at the garden gate ready to welcome you.  Something is always blooming among this international set of authors, artists, designers,  and photographers who capture and share the natural world from their unique perspectives. A harvest of resources, botanical data, product evaluation, and technical advice from garden gurus abounds. Seeds of appreciation, generosity, admiration, and gratitude are planted daily. Blotanical is a sanctuary fragrant with enthusiasm, dreams, ideals, and wisdom  where you are sure to find your gardener's soul filled to overflowing. 


CurtissAnn said...

Honey, yours is the best description I've read of Blotanical. A friend has urged me to get over there, but since my blog is not overtly gardening, I have hesitated. I shall check it out, thanks!

Zoë said...

I'd say that was pretty apposite, well written and succinct!

I like the analogy to a garden too, just perfect!

Good Luck with it!

Zoë x

Anonymous said...

Great post about Blotanical! It was nicely written.

Mother Nature said...
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Mother Nature said...

Curtiss Ann, Zoë, and PG,

I'm going to bask a moment in the warmth of your praise. Nope. I'll wrap it around me and carry it all day. Thanks, ladies.

Curtiss Ann,

It's wonderful you are checking out becoming a Blotanist.


Stuart said...

Great post Mother Nature. I too loved the garden analogy and realise that, like a garden, I have very little control over it. It keeps surprising me every day because of the wonderful people who are part of it.

For curtissan and others, you don't have to be a garden blogger to enjoy Blotanical. We readily accept those who want to join in the community without a blog and just enjoy the social aspects of all that's on offer.

Enjoy your star.

Niels Plougmann said...

A really great post about blotanical - you are an asset to the garden blog blog community Donna with your nice garden blog and sweet spirit!

Mother Nature said...


I feel knighted. Thanks for the star.

When I see your name it means roses. I must get a Constance Spry.


Blue Narcissus said...

I love your garden so much! Can I establish a friend link with your blog?

Mother Nature said...

Also, have you noticed the Blog List available on Blogger Dashboard now?

tina said...

This was a very garden sense related post! How sweet!

Steve said...

It was a perfect post about a fascinating site and Stuart's really great effort. The quality of blogs on Blotanical make it a must-read for me, almost daily. No - make that daily. Anybody seen Philip's blog? Wowsers.

I can smell "addicton" all over the place, Stuart. I hope you are proud of yourself! lol

Connie said...

What a creative analogy...great post!

Kerri said...

You have such a way with words. This is a beautiful description of Stuart's Blotanical site. It's a wonderful place to while away the hours. That's why I'm staying away lately....I don't trust myself to just spend half an hour and then leave. Too much to do at the moment!
Thanks for visiting and saying hello. It's always good to meet new blog friends :)

Mother Nature said...

Thanks for spending your self alloted time with me.

Kathryn/ said...

This is very sweet. I am touched by your perceptions. Thank you.