Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Succulent Arrangement

Succulents included are:
1 Senecio cylindricus
2 Opuntia microdasys/Bunny Ears
3 Pacypodium lamerei/Madagascar Palm
4 Pachyveria 'Blue Pearl'
5 Pachyphytum bracteosum
6 Echeveria 'Afterglow'
7 Cotyledon tomentosa/Bear's Paw
8 Austrocylindropuntia


Kate said...

Hello! I know this is an old post, but I just recently found it while searching the internet for "Pachyveria Blue Pearl" -- a plant I bought weeks ago at Walmart that doesn't seem to be growing well. Unfortunately, I can't find any tips as to how to care for this plant on any website as it appears to be relatively unknown. So, I thought that you may be able to help me, as I see you have some experience with Pachyveria Blue Pearl.
My questions are:
1.) Do you remember what your Blue Pearl looked like when you bought it? Mine was a couple of 1-inch-tall stalks with a few bulbous appendages sprouting from the top--there were a few small ones and one relatively large (about a half-ince across; the others were a quarter inch or less), slightly egg-shaped structure that withered (it turned red at the tip and wrinkly) and fell off the plant a couple of days after I bought it. Since then, none of these "leaves" have grown much bigger than a quarter inch and have all stayed near the tips of the stalks.
2.) What kind of soil did you plant yours in? The instructions for mine said to plant it in porous soil, and I assumed the soil it came in fit this description, so I have kept it said soil, albeit in a separate container. I keep the plant in a small glass jar in my window, where it recieves lots of sunlight. The top of the plant just reaches over the edge of the jar. The instructions said it also needed good airflow. I'm assuming the fan in my room is enough, but I'm not a very experienced gardener (15 years old), so I have no idea if keeping it outside would be a better idea. I think it might need more soil, but I dont want to buy a whole bag of dirt just to nourish this one little plant. Is there any particular kind of soil that you would recommend, and can I buy it in a really small amount?
3.) How often should I water it? It said to water it generously whenever the soil got dry, but I have no idea how much is "generous" or how often the soil gets dry, or how dry is dry enough. The first time I watered it, I think I almost drowned the plant. But it's still growing, just not NEARLY as bushy as the one you've got in this picture. It said pinching it often made it bushier, but I'm afraid to do that, lest it stop growing altogether.

Even if you're not the absolute expert on this obscure little plant, you seem to be an excellent gardener and it would be great if you could help. Thank you for your time spent reading this comment, I know it's a long one!


Mother Nature said...

1.The plants in the photo were the size I bought them.
2.Sometimes plants are not in the proper soil. If yours has too much peat that holds water, add sand. You can buy a cactus mix in a small amount. There should be a drainage hole in container and water should run out and plant should not sit in water.

3.If your pot is heavy, it is full of water. If it dry, it will be much lighter. Only water if it shrivels in the dormant period.

Your plant is in the Crassulaceae family and is dormant in summer is why it isn't growing. It likes it cooler in summer. High heat may cause lower leaves to drop. Bright light not sun may be sufficient.

When you bring home a plant, a good tip is to look on the container for who supplies the plant and get the web address. You can look up the exact plant and care from the people who provided the plant.

Good luck my young gardening friend.

Kate said...

Thank you very much!