Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Slow, Soft Showers

after a long, hot drought is just what we needed and what we have been having for several days now. My ponytail palm is going to be part of a succulent collection I will have inside this winter. I usually have African violets but I want a change. Succulents are so carefree as houseplants.

Remembering 9/11

Charlene, a fellow gardener, wrote:

*sigh* That day changed everything for me. For quite some time after, I was a volunteer at the Family Assistance Center at the pier. My law firm let me do it pro-bono full time. I created death certificates for families who lost their loved ones. New York City was filled with people running around trying to help. There were booths everywhere at the Center, and interpreters ready to interpret in about 20 different languages. People walking around with special dogs meant to comfort people. Sadly, the place was mostly filled with just volunteers. There just wasn't much one could to do help but boy did we try. Afterwards, I felt like I should never delay doing something I really wanted to do. A little over one year from 9/11, I was flying back to NY from Viet Nam with my new daughter.

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