Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lycoris and Dogwoods

A nice rain in September will stimulate Lycoris radiata/red spider lilies to bloom. There are lots of buds but I usually cannot wait and eagerly photograph the first one that opens.

Fruited, Budded Dogwood

My area is filled with mature dogwoods/Cornus florida.

Buds and Drupes
They are now laden with next year's white flower buds and this year's red drupes. The drupes are a favorite food of wildlife.
Dogwood Bark

Soon the leaves will be turning red

and there will be pretty flowers in spring.

A word about the hummers... The last time I filled the hummingbird feeder, I decided to hold the feeder to see if they would feed from it. It worked. :-)


DP Nguyen said...

Great photos, as always. The bark of the dogwood is so interesting, and I bet the dogwoods of spring look awesome.

Gail said...

The next time to hold the feeder you must have a friend photograph this holy grail moment! I love
L radiata, such a lovely red!


Megan said...

The hummingbirds actually came and fed from your hand? That's incredible. I'm going to have to hang feeders to try that.

tina said...

That dogwood bark is PRETTY cool.

spookydragonfly said...

Drupes, huh?...O.K. Donna...Tomorrow I have to go check my Dogwood trees in the woods. That little piece of info I didn't know! (no surprise, huh?!) I love that Lycoris plant...unique!

Dave said...

Dogwoods are great! I second Tina's thought about the bark.

Glädjekällan said...

Lycoris, I never heard of but spiderlily, the white one, is familiar to me. I have planted dogwood, Eddie's White Wonder, but only one flower came up this year.
Cornus 'Venus' we planted 5 weeka ago, hope it will blom next Spring.
You have wonderful pictures.

Sally said...

Very nice blog.

ericat said...

We have the nectar feeding birds in the garden, they love the aloe blooms. I must put up some feeders and see if they will feed from it. Maybe I can then get a chance to place it where it is convenient for a photo of the birds. They will flutter about but just aim a camera at them and they are gone.
By the way we do not have humming birds in South Africa but the nectar feeders are beautiful all the same.