Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pink Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisy is perennial here.



Josnal said...

Mother Nature, How do you get your gerbera daisys to winter over? I am in zone 6/7 in Arkansas and really love the plants.
Jo Ann

Mother Nature said...

Jo Ann,
I think the key is that they are well drained while they are dormant. Sheltered position would be good. I remove leaves from lawn but leave them in flower beds. Be sure to remove the leaves when the weather warms in spring or slugs will eat new foliage. I live on the edge of zone 6 and 7. Last year was the first I tried it because my daughter kept telling me her friend's gerbers came back each year. Live and learn. Some varieties and colors or more hardy than others. Mine are pink and I don't have more specific info. They were probably purchased at Lowes. Try it with whatever you have. It may work. Look for hardier varieties on your next purchase. Good luck.